VALO Vision To create awareness of the needs for an integral mechanism to maximize the dissemination, exploitation and sustainability of project results for high quality outcomes and added value.

VALO Mission To valorise (disseminate, sustain and exploit) the results and outputs of projects for maximising achievements and increased sustainability after the project completion through effective transferring of results and of best practices to different and broader contexts, and optimising the value of a project and boosting its impact so that others benefit from experiences gained in the project and share in the successes, experiences and lessons learned.

General aims The aim of the project is to create a new certified Valorisation Expert job role adding to the existing certifications in the European Certification and Qualification Association (ECQA).

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  • 1 Development of a training and certification schema for the valorisation (dissemination, sustainability and exploitation) area, called Valorisation Expert, applicable to training on the labour market.
  • 2 Development of training material, learning portal and a pool of examination questions (training package) for the Valorisation Expert job role.
  • 3 Implementation of trials of the training package and certification schema with a minimum of 100 participants; improvement of training package and certification through feedback from participants.
  • 4 Assurance of sustainability of the VALO training and certification schema.
  • 5 Dissemination regarding the importance of the valorisation topic to the market, research units and policy makers.
  • EU Project Support

    The two year (01.10.2011 - 31.12.2013) ECQA Valorisation Expert Training and Certification Project with project number 2011-1-GR1-LEO05-06789 is supported by the Lifelong learning programme Leonardo da Vinci (LdV) Transfer of Innovation (TOI) and the consortium partners who contribute 25% of the project costs. More...